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It’s time to adopt the algo trading and to get rid of taking loses by the manual trading. Algo trading is the future of the stock market. Its Time saving, accurate, fast, and highly profitable solution for the day trader or investors.


API Bridge

API Bridge is a set of programming interface, pincode and Places is first programming interface right now. APIBridge permits you to algo trade with various stages like Amibroker, MT4, TradingView, Python, Excel, NinjaTrader and so on.

Algo Trading

Algo Trading is a type of automated trading that utilizes PC programs to examine market data dependent on pre-characterized parameters. We will provide you the best platform for doing Auto Trading with your own Intra day.

Strategy Developments

MT4 and MT5 indicators, master advisors, calculators, and even money management formulas are the main Trading tools. Most of these tools are special indicators.

Auto buy & sell signals

Moving average is one of the best indicators utilized in auto purchase sell signal technical analysis chart programming. Moving average is made by processing the normal cost of a share or commodity over a particular number of periods.

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We teach everyone how to trade when to trade and what to trade in which situation. That can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

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Our mission is to give best support to every individual or corporate client come to us for any kind of service. To maintain the relationship with client in a family manner and to keep all clients happy with user friendly and highly advance automated support online or offline.

Our Vision

WE want to give all services by online mode and to remain available 24×7. Give best support to our clients with our best tools and best service support. Always try to make more and more clients and even give proper priority to existing clients too.

Benefits for Algo Trading

The benefits of algo trading exist for everyone; including the layman investor, a professional trader or a financial institution.

Intellectual Engagement

Intellectual Engagement

Algorithmic trading automates the trading function which is incredibly advantageous to traders, which makes sure that the trades are carried out at the right time during optimal market conditions which increases the chances of high returns. The traders do not face the risk of missing out on important opportunities in the market.

Minimise Human Errors

Minimise Human Errors

Every active trader loses money to manual errors like punching wrong order quantity, wrong order price or sending the order in the wrong scrip. Algo platform minimizes such errors.

Minimize Emotions

Minimize Emotions

Another key advantage of algorithmic trading is that it removes human emotion from the trading equation as the trades are defined by preset conditions. This is advantageous because human emotions can cause investors to make irrational decisions based on fear and greed.

Save Time

Save Time

With fully automated systems, there’s no need for teams of analysts to monitor price action or market news. You could run multiple strategies, each consuming all the market data it needs to make optimized decisions. This frees you up to discover new markets and new strategies that can diversify your portfolios.



One of the biggest advantages of using machines for trading is the fact that it makes things systematic, hence enabling the possibility to perform backtesting more comprehensively.

Inculcate Discipline

Inculcate Discipline

Trader’s emotions are eliminated in algorithmic trading as the decision making occurs according to the trading algorithm, bringing in a higher level of discipline in trading.

Diversify Trading

Diversify Trading

Automated trading platform permits the user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This has the potential to spread risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions. What would be incredibly challenging for a human to accomplish is efficiently executed by a computer in a matter of milliseconds. The computer is able to scan for trading opportunities across a range of markets, generate orders and monitor trades.



Due to the use of computers and technology to implement trades, the execution speed is increased tremendously which helps avoid slippage, which is the difference between the market price at the time when the order was placed and the price at which the trade actually gets executed.

Cost Effective Great Quality

Manual Trading always gives pain because of our emotions. Now Let the robot decide the best trading opertunities for you. Yes, its time for get rid of unwanted loss. Become a Smart trader and Start trading Automatically.

Algo Master provides the best strategies for trading in stock and commodity markets. It gives regular profit without giving any kind of emotional or financial pain. No Manual interventions are needed. Stay relaxed while robot trades for you.

What We Do

Automated Trading

We can turn exact passage, exit, and cash the rules into
computerized exchanging frameworks that permit PCs to execute
and screen the exchanges to perform back testing, Improving Order
Entry Speed and Diversify Trading.

API Bridge

API Bridge is a set of programming interface, pincode and Places is
first programming interface right now. APIBridge permits you to
algo trade with various stages like Amibroker, MT4, Trading View,
Python, Excel, NinjaTrader and so on.

Auto buy and sell signals

lets trade quicker and Profitable, Get auto buy and sell signals with
best entry and exit levels without any delay. On the basis of moving

Strategy development

> Having strong goals and objectives will assist with knowing
when you should be happy with the trading algo.
> Know about the market you want to trade.
> The yearly return and draw down you want.

MQL Development

We use MetaTrader Software to make automated trading softwares
and financial market indicators.
> Create a custom technical indicator.
> Get high quality leads with MQL.
> Tweak an existing indicator.
> Develop a fully functional Expert Advisor.
> Generate automated signals for entries
> Adding alerts, or chart visuals.
> Back test your current trading strategy.

Any city, any country, any device - Trade from anywhere you want

Why spend years trying to understand the complexities of capital markets when our readymade trading algos can do the same for you in seconds?

Frequently Asked Questions ?

In simple terms, algo trading is making use of algorithms to structure as well as execute your trading strategies. To answer whether this works or not, put some highlights on the trading logoc. Algo Trading is responsible for about 60-75% of global trades while 40-50% turnover of Indian cash and derivatives market which is magnificent. If you are well equipped with notable coding skills (you may also outsource this to your broker) and your strategies are rewarding, you won’t find algo trading counterproductive. Since algo trading is free of human interventions, it can turn out to be even more beneficial as compared to manual trading.

Algo trading can be immensely profitable due to several factors attached to it. Primarily, since this is technology-based trading the chances of any opportunity getting missed are almost zilch. Secondly, the speed of order execution is unparalleled as compared to manual ones which can altogether turn the deal from losing to winning in a jiffy. Next comes the ease with which the algo trading explore prices and provide liquidity. Finally, it comes with an advantage of no human intervention and hence no emotional conflicts whatsoever. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, algo trading can be conducive enough to be profitable in the market.

Since nothing in this world is perfect, algo trading also comes with some of the risks associated with it that can’t be ignored. To start with, the algo trading is completely dependent on your IT Infrastructure which can be problematic if the system is down due to any reason. Secondly, the system might not be configured to digest the unexpected happenings that are a part of the stock market. One of the other risks associated is the difficulty in tracing the error once coding and optimization are completed.

For you to become a successful algo trader, you should be well-equipped with excellent software and a few necessary algo skills. Starting with the very basic of all, the skill of trading should be must, you should be trading to the core. A few of the other skills to focus as a beginner algo trader is being good at math, understanding your software and finally programming abilities. There are some of the pitfalls that you as algo traders should avoid. Some of them are making the model too complicated, unnecessary backtesting and optimizing.

Algo trading can be done by anybody who has the upper mentioned skills and desire to accomplish. However, the popularity and demand amongst the institutional traders like hedge fund managers have no bound since it is extremely difficult for them to manage manually. Apart from them, the retail investors, quants, and Proprietary traders are also acclaiming the algo trading especially by the scalpers and even day traders.

The importance of algo trading software lies in the fact that you put your hard-earned money in that. It becomes extremely critical for you to select a good fit. A few of the important factors to consider while selecting the software are the availability of market data, latency issues, configurability, customization, and ease of writing programs. With the ever-increasing market of algo trading, the options have no limit. Still, a few of the top software that you can select from are, NEST, Greek Soft, uTrade, Trade Lab API, Amibrokers, MT4, Interactive Brokers, and E-options for options trading.


It’s time to adopt the algo trading and to get rid of taking loses by the manual trading. Algo trading is the future of the stock market. Its Time saving, accurate, fast, and highly profitable solution for the day trader or investors.

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